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Feasibility study between Arab countries

Feasibility study for a 500kV electrical interconnection and energy trading between Arab countries

The Arab League developed a master plan for electric power interconnection and power trading among Arab countries.
The study, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development, aimed to investigate ways to maximise the benefits of an integrated Arab electrical market and to assess the potential for exploiting natural gas reserves to export electric power.
The project entailed the creation of a complex model of a regional power market comprising 17 Arab countries.

CESI performed the following tasks:

  • An oversight of the power sector in Arab countries – present status and future trends
  • An oversight of the gas sector in Arab countries – the potential amount of natural gas available and the potential surplus for natural gas trading
  • Assessment of scenarios and economic feasibility of different alternatives for energy/power exchanges
  • Feasibility study on electricity trade and reinforcements of interconnections
  • Financial study of and electricity pricing for the chosen option
  • Bilateral and multilateral trade model for electricity and natural gas
  • Implementation plan of proposed electrical and natural gas interconnections
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