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Environmental site assessment in Italy

Environmental site assessment at power plant in Italy for Enel Power Generation.

For the Italian sites in Enel’s FUTUR-e programme, CESI developed an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to define the environmental liabilities created by contamination of the subsoil, underground aquifers and surface waters, taking into account the site’s topography, the main areas of risk and the activities carried out. The study was based on the available data and national and international benchmarks for potentially contaminated sites, as required by ASTM standards.

CESI, in collaboration with Enel, developed a wider programme of environmental liability assessment that applies standard methodological, technological and regulatory criteria, for regions with well-developed environmental standards. The project aimed to identify potential environmental liabilities related to the current condition of the subsoil at the relevant plants in accordance with applicable laws and Enel’s environmental policy.

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