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EIA transboundary procedure and feasibility study for EuroAsia 2000MW HVDC interconnection

CESI was selected to conduct the National and Transboundary Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) for the EuroAsia project, part of the European Union’s “Energy Priority Corridor 3” project under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Energy Programme. The EuroAsia project is a 2,000MW subsea HVDC energy bridge that will connect two continents, via three Mediterranean nations – Israel, Cyprus and Greece (via Crete). It will be the first such energy bridge between Europe and Asia. The project has numerous advantages for the territories involved: from ending Cyprus’s and Crete’s energy isolation to enabling the development of more renewable energy sources and reducing CO2 emissions.

CESI conducted the environmental impact assessment to assess the project’s possible positive or negative environmental, social and economic impacts, in line with European law and the national laws of each country involved. The EIA was carried out in close co-operation with the relevant local and national authorities.

Area Manager
2016 - 2018
Greece, Israel
Environmental studies
Industries Expertise
HVDC Infrastructures
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