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Development of a short- term grid development plan for Zambia

The objective of this short and mid-term grid development study (that covers 2022-2030) funded by KfW was the feasibility investigation of 440 MW renewable energy capacity integration in Zambian power system.

To integrate this number of renewable sources into the power system safely and economically, a comprehensive and consistent view is central while complying with the countries’ clean energy targets and meeting the increasing demand of electricity. The short and mid-term grid development study will give an understanding in various important issues:

  • potential benefits of regional cooperation
  • transitional path to reducing coal generation
  • overall system costs to supply electricity
  • future role of hydro generations as a mean to supply reliable and secured electricity and to support integration of renewable energy sources.

Moreover, the study will enable policy makers to guide new renewable sources plants to optimal locations where the total social cost is minimal. To this purpose high-level cost-benefit analyses were performed.

The proposed consultancy work assessed grid expansion plans and grid integration issues by developing a short-term development plan for Zambia with special focus on regions where the proposed sites are located, undertaking power system studies for the Zambian power system at transmission and sub-transmission level.

The technical analysis was performed with DIgSILENT Power Factory tool.

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