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Definition and Implementation of a Regional Grid Code for Transmission Network

The scope of work of the project is to develop the WAPP Regional Transmission Grid Code as a tool that will contribute to pave the way to the implementation of the ECOWAS electricity market. The focus of the Grid Code, being it a set of technical aspects, is to govern the technical components of the regional electricity market. That is, to define a set of common and agreed rules for the following items :

(1) connection of generation, HVDC, and demand facilities

(2) coordinated operation of each national power system

(3) metering rules

(4) cross-border electricity transfers common market technical rules

(5) trainings of operators

(6) planning rules

CESI covered the whole scope of work performing the following tasks:

  1. Collection and analysis of the whole set of available data and Information, considering the status of the WAPP context, the national contexts as well as the international best practices.
  • Proposal of the outline of each grid code, aiming at identifying and prioritizing the expected requirements that have to be included in the Regional Transmission Grid Code. Specifically, the codes addressed are the following:
  • Glossary & Definitions
  • General Conditions
  • Connection Code
  • Operation Code
  • Market Code
  • Metering Code
  • Planning Code
  • System Operator Training Code

Development of the Draft Codes that will constitute the final Regional Transmission Grid Code.

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