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Consulting services for the design and construction of Synchronous Condenser substations in Lithuania

In the last few years Lithuanian government set up a program to synchronize local power system with Continental Europe power system (Continental Europe Synchronous Area, CESA) and to ensure at the same time an increase in system inertia for strengthening the grid. This last aspect is of increasing importance throughout the whole Europe considering the significant growth of power generation from renewable sources. In this context, CESI – who already worked with the local TSO in the previous phase of the project (preparation of technical specifications) – was asked to render technical assistance to the client during all phases of design, manufacturing, factory acceptance, installation and commissioning of three new synchronous condenser (SC) systems.

CESI scope of works covers all main electromechanical equipment that will be installed, namely rotating machines, flywheels, power transformers, HV equipment for grid connection, together with electrical auxiliaries and control and protection systems.

Area Manager
2023 – ongoing
Construction supervision & commissioning
Design Review
Industries Expertise
HVDC Infrastructures
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