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Consulting Services for Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on HVDC transmission lines, battery storage and SCADA

The assignment objective is to provide:

  • recommendations of options for different SCADA systems to manage power system dispatch taken into account the cybersecurity,
  • (ii) recommendations of options for development of energy storage (battery-based) system, and (iii) recommendations of options for development of HVDC power transmission lines.

The outcome of the tasks will also be used for due diligence of possible World Bank financed operations in Vietnam.

CESI developed all the studies relevant BESS and HVDC systems.


  • Identification needs for battery storage for different use cases
  • Recommendation on best technologies’ options and best practices for given battery applications and use cases

For HVDC systems:

  • Identification needs for HVDC
  • HVDC assessment for RE connections
  • HVDC roadmap development

Recommendation on best technologies options for HVDC lines

Area Manager
2021 - ongoing
Viet Nam
Planning Studies
Industries Expertise
HVDC Infrastructures
SCADA and Control Centers
Storage infrastructures
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