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Consultancy Services for Renewable Energy Strategy Framework in the State of Qatar

CESI partnered with Strategy& – global strategy consulting team at PwC – to support Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) with technical advisory services in the implementation of renewable energy sources (RES), the selection of RES technologies most suited for Qatar, the definition of RES implementation targets and plan, and finally the integration of renewable generators in the power system of KAHRAMAA. The main project tasks under CESI responsibility are devoted to:

  • Evaluate RE Technologies Technical & Economic Potential
  • Conduct Technical Integration Assessment
  • Develop Guidelines, Regulations, & Specifications
  • Develop Renewable Energy Legislation, Regulations and Policy Instruments
  • Provide a perspective of hydrogen as a clean energy source:
  • Study of the role of hydrogen in the energy transition
  • Technologies available for the production, transport and storage of hydrogen
  • Current costs and evaluation of cost trends of plants for hydrogen production
  • Study of different implementation scenarios of the hydrogen supply chain
  • Hydrogen production plant projects under development or planned in the Arabian Gulf region
  • Suggestion for the development of technology in Qatar

These Consultancy Services meant for the progress of the Qatari Power System will provide the following outcome and deliverables:

  • Inception Report
  • Renewable Energy Sector in Qatar: Situation & Gap Analysis
  • Technical and Economic Integration of Renewable Energy
    • Renewable Energy Technology Review
    • Techno-economic potential of Renewable Energy
    • Integration of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) into the electricity network
    • Guidelines, Regulations and Specifications for Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Institutional Support Structure Framework
    • Renewable Energy Institutional Support Structure
    • Renewable Energy Localisation
  • Renewable Energy Legislation, Regulations, and Policy Instruments
  • Qatar Renewable Energy Strategy with QRES Action Plan
  • Knowledge Transfer
Area Manager
2022 - ongoing
Qatar and United Arab Emirates
Planning Studies
Industries Expertise
Green Hydrogen
On-shore and Off-shore Wind
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