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Consultancy Services for Computerized Maintenance Management System under “Enhancement & Strengthening of Power Network in Eastern Region” project

Bangladesh’s power sector must meet an electricity demand projected to grow by more than 10 percent per annum in the medium term due also to efforts to reach universal access. Wheeling such capacity to the final users require not only to expand the transmission system but also to improve significantly the O&M of the system to ensure the quality and reliability of the electricity supply nationwide. Addressing the challenge is the responsibility of the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) which own, operates and expand the country’s power transmission assets.

CESI is providing to the client the consultancy services aimed to review current policies, procedures and practice, and in particular:

  • Maintenance activities of various departments of PGCB that maintain critical elements of Bangladesh National Grid System
  • Procurement activities that can affect the quality of critical elements of Bangladesh National Grid System
  • Human resource recruitment and development activities that can affect the maintenance of critical elements of Bangladesh National Grid System

CESI will also assess organization of the maintenance departments, establish baseline for cost and performance. New strategy in line with international standards will be proposed, based on an inclusive process involving all relevant department of PGCB and combining reactive, predictive and proactive approaches. This will include:

  • Progressive introduction of Reliability-Centered-Maintenance (RCM) analysis based on available data
  • Definition of a new policy framework,
  • Institutional re-organization of the maintenance,
  • Standard guidelines and procedures during all the equipment/systems lifetime and arrange adequate training
  • Workshops to implement RCM in PGCB
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