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Condition-based maintenance master plan in Malaysia

Development of condition-based maintenance master plan for distribution asset in Malaysia

TNB Research, a unit of the national electricity utility, commissioned CESI to develop an integrated strategy to help TNB Distribution (TNBD) to shift from time-based maintenance of the distribution system’s equipment to condition-based maintenance (CBM). TNBD is responsible for managing networks with voltage levels ranging from 6.6kV to 415V. A masterplan for the project was developed, with a pilot scheme put in place to test the system. The masterplan was developed in three different phases:

  • Documenting the process flow
  • Review of TNBD maintenance strategies for substation electrical equipment
  • Definition of the structure of the CBM system

CESI also helped implement the new maintenance system by preparing guidelines, tailored to TNBD’s requirements, for overseeing the implementation of the CBM approach in a pilot scheme at one substation, and its extension to the entire distribution system.

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