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Blackout reconstruction in Egypt and Jordan

On 21st May 2021 and 6th June 2021, the Egyptian and Jordanian systems have been affected by network disturbances causing total and partial outages in the two grids. In both cases undamped oscillations on the 400kV interconnection Aqaba (Jordan) – Taba (Egypt) have been detected minutes prior to the starting of the unrecoverable instabilities which have led to the outages.

The scope of the activity was to reconstruct the sequence of the events, perform the root cause analysis of the two incidents and provide recommendations to properly address similar disturbances in the future.

The project consists of the following tasks:

Task 1 – Data collection

Task 2 – PSS/E model setup and validation

Task 3 – Reconstruction of the oscillatory phenomenon in the initial stage of the incidents

Task 4 – Reconstruction of the incident evolution in the two grids after the beginning of the instability leading to the outages

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Egypt, Jordan
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