The number of interconnections between networks in different countries, or inside a single large country, is growing, highlighting the need for high voltage direct current (HVDC) technologies, which can carry power over long distances, in subsea cables and asynchronous networks.

CESI can support clients throughout the entire lifecycle of HVDC infrastructure, drawing on its experience in the two different technologies installed and operated worldwide, as well as in cables and overhead lines:

  • Line Commutated Converter (LCC), a mature technology with the highest power rating
  • Voltage Source Converter (VSC), a quite new technology that operates well in weak AC systems (e.g. offshore platforms) and is suitable for multi-terminal HVDC systems, the DC grids of the future
  • Power cables will in future be able to play a role in sharing electricity, reducing pollution and making power grids more resilient, with the development of HVDC subsea cables a key factor
  • HVDC systems have a lower technological and environmental impact than traditional AC lines when it comes to overhead lines.

CESI Full Owner's Engineering Services

CESI has undertaken around 40 HVDC consultancy projects globally, covering more than 30,000km of overhead lines, 7,000km of submarine cable and 50GW of installed capacity.