A Hub of Innovation in Electrical Testing for the Eastern Europe Market

Situated just 15km east of Prague’s vibrant city center, KEMA Labs Prague is a cornerstone in the Czech Republic’s electrical testing landscape. Established in 1953 under the auspices of the Czech Technical University’s Research Institute, this laboratory has grown to become a specialist in testing across a broad spectrum, including low-voltage, medium-voltage, and both high power and high voltage sectors. Marking a significant milestone, the Prague laboratories inaugurated their pioneering synthetic installations and laboratories in 1964, a move that has since established them as a central hub of electrical testing innovation and expertise.

Power Source for High-Power Laboratory
Short-Circuit Generators
Two units, each with a capacity of 2500 MVA
Power Specifications
Capable of delivering 5000 MVA at 120 kV and 280 kA for 2.5 seconds
Operates at 50 Hz and DC
Test Bays
  • MV Apparatus: Equipped with six test bays
  • HV Apparatus: Includes three open-air areas for high voltage testing
Testing Capabilities
  • Short-Circuit Tests: On MV and HV components up to 550 kAp
  • Load-Break Switches: Testing up to 36 kV
  • MV Fuses: Breaking capacity tests up to 40 kA/40.5 kV
  • Switchgears and Substations: Internal arcing tests up to 72 kA
  • Insulator Sets: Power arc tests up to 63 kA
  • Arresters and Transformers: Short-circuit tests on arrestors up to 63 kA and power transformers up to 40 MVA 3-phase
  • DC and LV Tests: Ranging from 2 kV up to 80 kA and 4 kV up to 40 kA for DC; up to 150 kA for LV tests
Special Installations
Dedicated to testing of insulator sets and HV disconnectors, including both horizontal and pantograph types
High Voltage Laboratory
  • Testing Capabilities: The high-voltage laboratory is adept at testing LV and MV components for a variety of tests, including dielectric, temperature rise, mechanical, IP, noise, and others
  • Equipment: Features AC sources up to 100 kV, LI up to 380 kV (20 kJ), and temperature-rise test transformers up to 20 kA 3-phase and 40 kA 1-phase at 50 Hz
  • Specialization: Focused on low voltage power panels, distribution transformers, and fuses