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Welcome to KEMA Labs Milan, key component of the globally recognized CESI group, located in Milan, Italy. Our facility stands as a beacon of advancement in the field of electrical testing, offering an array of services unparalleled in scope and technical sophistication.

KEMA Labs Milan boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a high voltage laboratory, an indoor test hall, and advanced dielectric testing facilities. Our lab is uniquely equipped to handle complex electrical testing challenges, making us a preferred partner for industry leaders in electrical engineering and manufacturing. Moreover, KEMA Labs Milan houses three specialized HVDC test zones. These modernized spaces feature cutting-edge HVDC voltage and current generators, automated control systems, and state-of-the-art impulse generators, representing the forefront of testing technology.

Lab Capabilities
High Power - Power Source and Ratings:
- Transformers: The facility is powered by 6 x 500 MVA single-phase transformers connected to a 220 kV grid.
- Short Circuit Generator: Houses a 2000 MVA short circuit generator with advanced static converter and excitation systems.
- Operational Range: Offers frequency adjustments from 16.7 Hz up to 60 Hz, with a maximum capacity of 2000 MVA at 50 Hz and peak currents of up to 300 kApk and 120 kA for 0.3 seconds.
Structural & Seismic Test Laboratory (Seriate):
- Facility Specs: Spans approximately 1200 m² with a height of 11 meters.
- Unique Equipment: Includes the MASTER shaking table with 6 degrees of freedom, measuring 4x4 meters, for diverse applications in earthquake engineering and beyond.
- Applications: Extensively used in aerospace, military, electrical transmission, transportation, nuclear equipment, and civil construction, with a specimen dead weight capacity of up to 300 kN.
High Power - Test Bays:
- For MV Apparatus: Includes two specialized test bays for comprehensive testing on medium-voltage apparatus.
- External Test Bay: An external facility for testing large power transformers up to 400 MVA and 400 kV.
High Voltage - Other Dielectric Testing Facilities:
- Equipment: Equipped with an AC voltage source capable of reaching up to 700 kV and impulse generators scaling up to 2.0 MV.
- Testing Range: Includes comprehensive measuring systems for AC, LI, SI, RIV, capacitance, tan ∂, and other critical testing parameters.
High Voltage - Cable Testing Capabilities:
- Testing Lines: Features three dedicated test lines for prequalification tests on cable systems up to 800 kV.
- Flexible Design: The layout is versatile, including a concrete tunnel and a pool with salt water, to simulate various environmental conditions.
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratories:
- Facilities: Houses two anechoic chambers for comprehensive radiated and conducted immunity tests.
- Additional Capabilities: Includes three shielded chambers for a range of tests including conducted immunity, burst immunity, and fast transients.
Smart Metering Test Laboratory:
- Focus: Specializes in testing and certification of electronic meters and low voltage loads, adhering to internationally recognized standards.
- Heritage: Established in the year 2000, this laboratory has been at the forefront of smart metering technology.
High Voltage
- Structure & Capabilities: The lab spans an impressive 45x40x42 meters building with height of 35 meters, making it one of the largest of its kind.
- Voltage Generator: Features a robust 4,800kV charging voltage generator, capable of delivering 240 kJ of energy, making it ideal for lightning impulses up to 2,700kV and switching impulses up to 1,800kV.
- Dimensions: A versatile space measuring 20 meters in length, 14 meters in width, and 13 meters in height.
- Purpose: Designed for a variety of dielectric testing scenarios, accommodating a broad spectrum of client needs both in AC and DC
Protection Relays and Substation Automation
Functional, EMC, climatic, mechanical, dielectric and product safety type testing for measuring relays, protection equipment, tele protection equipment, power-line terminals and communication equipment; in accordance with relevant IEC, ANSI and IEEE standards.
Energy Meters Laboratory
Testing and Certification of conventional and smart electric energy meters according EN, IEC and ANSI standards. Metrological accuracy, EMC, climatic, mechanical, dielectric, product safety and switch type testing according to EN 50470 series, IEC 62052-, 62053-, 62055-, 62059-series and ANSI C.12 series and additional tests. Notified body for the European measurement instrument directive (MID MI-003).
Types of Tests Offered
  • Short circuit withstand tests
  • Short circuit making and breaking tests
  • Capacitive and inductive current switching tests
  • Load- break tests on MV switchgear
  • Internal arc tests on MV and HV switchgear
  • Pressure-relief tests on surge arresters
  • Functional Test
  • Accuracy Testing
  • Climatic Test
  • Protocol and Communication Testing IEC 61850
  • Metering Testing
Inspection Services
Global Reach: Offers witnessing of type and acceptance tests for low, medium, and high voltage components at accredited manufacturers' laboratories worldwide.

ATEX & IECEx Certification:**
- Certification Body: CESI, as part of KEMA Labs, is internationally recognized for its expertise in certifying explosion protected equipment.

Certification Services: We provide comprehensive ATEX and IECEx certification, ensuring compliance of products and equipment with European ATEX regulations and international IEC standards under the IECEx scheme.