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Our Lab offers many testing services including, but not limited to, high-power short-circuit testing both AC and DC, high-voltage testing, synthetic testing, thermal testing, impulse testing, and more.

The High Power Lab can generate short circuit values up to 245kV/63kA. The High Voltage Lab complements the High Power Lab with dielectric testing services up to 230kV. Combined, these facilities test virtually any device at the distribution and sub-transmission level in the US power grid.

Lab Capabilities
Short-Circuit Testing
High Voltage: ≤ 245kV, ≤ 63kA (Synthetic / In Development)
Medium Voltage: ≤ 72kV, ≤ 63kA
Low Voltage AC: ≤ 2.4kV, ≤ 275kA
Low Voltage DC: ≤ 1.6kV, ≤ 230kA
Dielectric Testing
Lightning Impulse: 1.4MV
Switching Impulse: 900kV
AC Dry Power Frequency: 600kV, 4000mA
AC Wet Power Frequency: 250kV, 600mA
DC Withstand: 130kV, 10mA
Load Switching Testing
Medium Voltage:  ≤ 38kV, ≤ 5kA
Thermal Testing
Up to 12kAAC , 3f, 60Hz at less than 32V
Up to 8kADC  at less than 48V
Capacitor Switching Testing
High Voltage:  72.5kV, 550A (Single Phase)
Medium Voltage:  38kV, 1,260A (Three Phase)
Medium Voltage:  15kV, 2,000A (Three Phase)
Test Frequencies
16.67Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz & 60Hz
Types of Tests Offered
  • Short-Circuit Interruptions
  • Fault-making Current
  • Cable & Line Current Switching
  • Capacitor Current Switching
  • Synthetic Method (In development)
  • Internal Arcing Fault Resistance
  • Momentary & Short-Time Withstand
  • Audible Sound
  • Transformer Short-Circuit
  • Transformer Routine Testing (In development)
  • Transformer Rectifier Unit Testing
  • Electrical Endurance
  • Lightning & Switching Impulse
  • Power Frequency (Wet & Dry)
  • Partial Discharge, Corona, RIV
  • Thermal Current
  • Rain Test
Types of Equipment Tested
  • Switchgear, Panel Boards & Switchboards
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Load Break Switches
  • Fault Interrupters
  • Reclosers
  • Capacitor Switchers
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Current Limiting & Cut Out Fuses
  • BusDuct / Busways / Cable Ways
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Transformer Rectifier Units
  • Reactors
  • Motor Controllers
  • Cables & Grounding Assemblies
  • Pantographs
  • Generator Terminal Enclosers
Test Standards
  • A2LA - Certificate Number 0553.01
  • ISO 17025
  • UL Third Party Test Data Program (TPTDP)