Pioneering Electrical Testing in the Heart of Germany

Nestled in the northeastern expanse of Berlin, along the vibrant Landsberger Allee and close to the industrial heartland of Lichtenberg, KEMA Labs Berlin emerges as a testament of innovation and excellence in the electrical testing. Founded in 1956 as a national German high power test laboratory, today it stands as a leading facility for low voltage testing and a central hub for high power and high current testing, including a distinct expertise in submarine cable testing. With its history and continual evolution, KEMA Labs Berlin not only underscores our dedication to low voltage testing but also houses state-of-the-art laboratories for high power and high current testing. Moreover, its rich legacy is complemented by deep-rooted expertise in calibration testing, further enriched by an on-site center of excellence dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electrical testing.

High Power Hall:

  • Power Source and Ratings: Equipped with 6 single-phase and one three-phase transformer connected to the 220 kV grid.
  • Short-Circuit Generators: Features 2 three-phase 1200 MVA generators.
  • Specifications: Frequency range from 16.6 Hz up to 50 Hz, maximum MVA of 2400, and maximum current of 200 kA for 1 second.
  • Test Bays: A large test bay designed for testing on medium and high voltage apparatus.

Tests Performed:

Comprehensive testing including short circuit making & breaking, short time and peak current withstand, capacitive current switching, reactor and small inductive current switching, active load current switching, and internal arc tests.

High Voltage Hall:

  • Main Test Hall: Measures 24 m in length, 26 m in width, and 18 m in height.

Dielectric Testing Facilities: Equipped with an AC voltage source up to 750 kV, an impulse generator up to 2.4 MVpk, a DC generator up to 300 kVdc, and all required measuring systems for AC, LI, SI, PD, RIV, temperature.

Low Voltage Facilities:

  • Facilities: 11 test bays for testing a variety of industrial low voltage equipment.
  • Specializations: Includes facilities for DC testing and in-line testing.
  • Certification: Recognized as a test laboratory by the German Certifying Body VDE.

High Current Testing:

  • Capabilities: High continuous current testing up to 40 kA at frequencies ranging from 15 Hz to 65 Hz for temperature rise tests.
  • Rise, capacitance, tan ∂, and more.

Cable Testing:

  • Capabilities: Type testing on medium and high voltage cables and accessories up to 500 kV. Specialized testing for submarine cable systems.
  • Facilities: Includes a 3-phase supplying system and a test line for prequalification tests for cable systems up to 500 kV.

Mobile Test Equipment:

  • Flexibility: 3 test trailers equipped for commissioning tests up to 500 kV on various electrical systems.
  • Services: Includes monitoring activities and partial discharge measurements on cable systems, transformers, rotating machines, switchgear components, and other equipment.