The Largest High Power Test Facility Worldwide

KEMA Labs Arnhem stands at the forefront of power industry testing, delivering specialized services unparalleled in scope and precision. Our state-of-the-art High Power Lab is equipped with six 2100 MVA short-circuit generators, enabling extensive AC and DC testing capabilities.

Complementing this, our High Voltage Lab excels in Dielectric testing, ensuring a comprehensive examination of electrical insulation properties alongside our High-Power Lab’s offerings. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, including functional, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), climatic, mechanical, dielectric, and product safety testing, catering to a wide array of equipment such as relays, protection gear, and smart meters.

At KEMA Labs, we’re dedicated to ensuring that devices not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of the global power grid. Through our extensive testing and certification services, we underscore our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, setting new standards in the power industry.

Lab Capabilities
High Power - Power Source for the HP Lab
- Six short-circuit generators, 2100 MVA each at 50 Hz
High Power - Possible Power Frequency
- From 16.6 Hz up to 60 Hz
- Max. MVA / kV / kA: 13000 / 525 / 390 kA for 0.42 s
High Power - Test Bays
- Laboratory has three large test bays for testing HV apparatus up to rated voltage 1200 kV and two test bays for MV apparatus up to rated
- 38 kV. Own jetty for testing of large power transformers while on barge
- Several large assembly bays for use by the customers
High Power - Synthetic Installation
- Full pole testing of circuit breakers with rated voltages up to 1200 kV
- Maximum transient recovery voltage in test bay from the synthetic installations: 2100 kV
High Voltage - Outdoor Test Bays
- Four outdoor test bays for Prequalification tests on cable systems up to 400 kVac
High Voltage - MobileTest Equipment
- Test trailers for on-site tests for cables systems, transformers and substations.
High Voltage - Testing Capabilities
- AC voltage sources up to 900 kV, DC voltage sources up to 800 kV, four LI and SI impulse generators up to 2600 kV, heating current transformers
- All state-of-the-art measuring systems for AC, LI, SI, PD, RIV, T-rise, RCL and tan delta. Specialized in testing of AC and DC cables and accessories, insulators, power and distribution transformers, instrument transformers (CT, VT & CVT) and all types of switchgear
Smart Labs - Protection Relays and Substation Automation
- Functional, EMC, climatic, mechanical, dielectric and product safety type testing for measuring relays, protection equipment, tele protection equipment, power-line terminals and communication equipment; in accordance with relevant IEC, ANSI and IEEE standards
Smart Labs - Energy Meters Laboratory
- Testing and Certification of conventional and smart electric energy meters according EN, IEC and ANSI standards
- Metrological accuracy, EMC, climatic, mechanical, dielectric, product safety and switch type testing according to EN 50470 series, IEC 62052-, 62053-, 62055-, 62059-series and ANSI C.12 series and additional tests
- Notified body for the European measurement instrument directive (MID MI-003)
Types of Tests Offered
  • Short circuit withstand tests
  • Short circuit making and breaking tests
  • Capacitive and inductive current switching tests
  • Load- break tests on MV switchgear
  • Internal arc tests on MV and HV switchgear
  • Pressure-relief tests on surge arresters
  • Short-circuit tests on HVDC switchgear
  • Short-circuit withstand tests on transformers up to 800 kV
  • Short-circuit tests can be carried out on all MV, (U)HV components such as switchgear, line traps, disconnectors, earthing switches, arresters, fuses, cables & cable accessories
  • Functional Test
  • Accuracy Testing
  • Climatic Test
  • Hardware in the loop testing
Test Standards