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15 . 07 . 2020
Renewables: how to get them into the grid
The past few years have seen the technical requirements to connect new variable renewable energy sources (VRES) to the transmission system developing remarkably to suit the evolving needs of the power system as the share of such generation increases following the targets of energy and climate policies. Our webinar will review the evolution of the […]
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25 . 06 . 2020
HVDC switchgears: Is it now time for revenge?
HVDC switchgear – key enabler of HVDC grids for green energy HVDC grids will be crucial for evacuating massive quantities of renewable energy. Such grids are not common in Europe yet for various reasons one of which is lack of proven protection equipment. In the European project “PROMOTioN”, it is publicly demonstrated that the protection […]
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19 . 07 . 2018
EnerNex webinar: Grid Modernization – Behind the Utility Curtain
Get a behind-the-curtain look at the realities of two on-going Grid Modernization projects from the utility experts driving those efforts, with the contribute of panelists well-versed in the topic. The debate will be moderated by Aaron Snyder, EnerNex Director of Grid Technology Consulting
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