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27 . 05 . 2022
Overcoming Energy Vulnerabilities
On June 16th (4:00pm – 4:50 pm, CEST), “Overcoming Energy Vulnerabilities,” the new and free of charge webinar organized by CESI will take place. In the webinar, the discussion will focus on the main vulnerabilities that affect the energy transition and their possible solutions, as the transition towards a carbon-free economy is a complex process that […]
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20 . 10 . 2021
Innovations in Transmission and Distribution Equipment and KEMA Labs readiness for testing
This free of charge webinar aims to present preparation and readiness for innovations in T&D equipment testing at KEMA Labs. The energy transition is introducing several innovations to the power system, which is reflected by the ones in equipment technology, driven by decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization. Testing, inspection and certification is a critical part of […]
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