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07 . 02 . 2022
The Impact of Green Hydrogen on the Power System
On March 1st, at 4pm (CET), The Impact of Green Hydrogen on the Power System, the new CESI and EnerNex joint webinar, will take place. Green hydrogen is playing a vital role in achieving deep decarbonization of the energy system. Experts from CESI, EnerNex, and encoord will explore green hydrogen’s implications for the power sector. […]
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28 . 10 . 2020
5G/LTE: A Game Changer for Electric Utilities?
In our webinar, we explore how 5G/LTE  is a crucial game changer for electric utilities. We’ll cover ultra-wideband to narrowband IOT and potential value streams for utilities, as well as the measures being taken to meet the requirements for cyber protection.   
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15 . 09 . 2020
IEEE Harmonic Standards: Power Plant Harmonics
ESIG (Energy Systems Integration Group) hosted the #webinar “Evaluating Wind and Solar Power Plant Harmonics Against IEEE Harmonic Standards.” This webinar provided an overview of the topic of harmonics from wind and solar power plants. Transmission system operators are increasingly vigilant to check the harmonic emissions from wind and solar plants during energization. However, the […]
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30 . 07 . 2019
EnerNex webinar: Cybersecurity Challenges for the Power Grid
The electric grid is facing challenges as devices originally intended to be either standalone or locally networked are now being connected to the Internet. EnerNex experts Kay Stefferud (EnerNex Director of Implementation Services) and Brian Smith (EnerNex Principal Consultant) share system engineering strategies for developing cybersecurity requirements, architecture and performing cyber assessments.
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19 . 06 . 2019
EnerNex webinar: Electric Power Systems Challenges with High Renewable Penetration
This joint CESI and EnerNex webinar offers an international perspective on renewable energy integration. Keeping the grid reliable and secure as renewable growth accelerates are significant industry concerns assessed in this webinar. The presenters of this webinar will be Bruno Cova, CESI Systems Planning Project Director and Robert Zavadil, PE, EnerNex Chief Operating Officer.
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19 . 07 . 2018
EnerNex webinar: Grid Modernization – Behind the Utility Curtain
Get a behind-the-curtain look at the realities of two on-going Grid Modernization projects from the utility experts driving those efforts, with the contribute of panelists well-versed in the topic. The debate will be moderated by Aaron Snyder, EnerNex Director of Grid Technology Consulting
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