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23 . 03 . 2021
5G and Advanced Connectivity for the Energy Transition
On April 27th (10.30am – 12pm, CET), during the webinar “5G and advanced connectivity for the energy transition”, organized by Elettricità Futura in partnership with CESI, the protagonists of the electricity and ICT sectors will discuss the technological opportunities related to digitalization, with a particular focus on 5G and connectivity advanced, and their role in […]
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28 . 10 . 2020
5G/LTE: A Game Changer for Electric Utilities?
In our webinar, we explore how 5G/LTE  is a crucial game changer for electric utilities. We’ll cover ultra-wideband to narrowband IOT and potential value streams for utilities, as well as the measures being taken to meet the requirements for cyber protection.   
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30 . 07 . 2019
EnerNex webinar: Cybersecurity Challenges for the Power Grid
The electric grid is facing challenges as devices originally intended to be either standalone or locally networked are now being connected to the Internet. EnerNex experts Kay Stefferud (EnerNex Director of Implementation Services) and Brian Smith (EnerNex Principal Consultant) share system engineering strategies for developing cybersecurity requirements, architecture and performing cyber assessments.
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