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Electrical Equipment

Conformity assessment of electrical equipment is generally required by the final users according to particular contracts with the manufacturer or by the market in general. CESI certifies the conformity assessment of electrical equipment as an accredited certification body according to standard ISO/IEC 17065 based on tests performed in CESI Group (CESI, FGH, IPH) laboratories or in other laboratories under CESI witnessing. The CESI conformity assessment process refers to the CESI-HV Certification Scheme for high voltage (>1000 V) electrical equipment as well as to the CESI-LV Certification Scheme for low voltage (< 1000 V) electrical equipment.

What we do

CESI can produce Certificates of type conformity, as Certification Body accredited by Accredia, according to the Standard ISO/IEC 17065​; Certificates can refer to national or international Standards or to Technical Specifications of final users (e.g. ENEL, TERNA, EDF, AENOR, KAHRA-MAA, DEWA, etc.). The certifiable electrical products are the following:

​Product Group
High Voltage equipment
Switchgear (A.c. circuit-breakers >1000V,A.c. switches >1000V, Disconnector and earthing switches >1000V,Switch-fuse combinations >1000V,A.c. contactors >1000V)
Fuses (Current limiting fuses, A.c. expulsion and similar fuses)
Enclosed switchgear and controlgear (Gas-insulated and metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear, A.c. insulation-enclosed switchgear and controlgear)
Instrument transformers (Current transformers, Voltage transformers, Combined transformers)
Instrument transformers (Current transformers, Voltage transformers, Combined transformers)
Post and line equipment (Reactors, Line traps, Surge arresters, Capacitors, Line insulators, Bushing)
Cables and accessories
Protection Systems for HV and MV networks
Low Voltage equipment
Low voltage equipment (Circuit-breakers, Switches disconnector and fuse- combinations units, Contactors and motor starters, Relays, Electromechanical and control circuit devices, Automatic transfer switching equipment)
Fuses (Fuses <1000V)
Switchgear and controlgear assemblies
Instrument transformers (Current transformers, Voltage transformers)
Cables and accessories
Rotating electrical machines


CESI is one of the few Ceritification Bodies worldwide which offer to their customers the combination of tests in own laboratories (CESI Group platforms) and certification activities.
Through the technical and professional sinergies achieved in this way CESI is able to deliver of a top quality service.

Furthermore CESI Inspectors dispose of unique competences and experience, gathered in several years of certification activities for manufacturers of every country in the world.​


Certification Body under ISO/IEC 17065-2012 standard:

Accreditation Certificate


CESI-LV Certification Scheme:


Application form

General sale conditions for certification services

CESI-HV Certification Scheme:


Application form

General sale conditions for certification services


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