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Motors and Drives

The world of Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) is more and more superseding turbine applications for speed and torque/power regulation of a load. MV VSDs, also named Electrical Trains (transformer + power static frequency converter + asynchronous or synchronous motor), are widely used in petrochemical and oil&gas industry, in cement and mining industry, in steel and metal production, water pumping stations and traction applications. Higher efficiency and reliability, lower energy and maintenance costs, effective dynamic performance control are the attractive factors of VSD systems. Individually testing the electrical components of an Electrical Train (transformer, converters, motor) does not assure the final user;of the actual performance with the true load in on-site conditions. That’s why International Standards, like IEC 61800-4, and specific test requirements by major players (i.e. Shell, Total, ENI, etc.) require testing the full capacity of the whole Electrical Train, simulating the actual operative conditions of the drive system.

What we do

CESI Group can provide tests on Medium Voltage VSD systems according to internationally recognized standards:

Medium Voltage VSD systems
IEC 61800-4

Further tests according national standards and specific customer requirements are also available on request.

Where we do it

Our testing laboratories are distributed over the three platforms and include:


CESI Group, in close cooperation with ABB, has established these test facilities to support the test market of VSDs used in a range of industrial applications. The leading experience of ABB in the field of motors and drives development, joined to the competences and expertise of CESI Group in the field of test activities, make a perfect binomial for successful test achievement.​



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