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HV switchgear assemblies and switching devices

High Voltage switchgear assemblies and switching devices are among the most important equipment in the electric networks, for their function of operation and protection of the system under normal service and against fault conditions. The consequences of a failure of these components can affect heavily the normal functioning of wide parts of the power systems, causing uncountable losses and costs. Therefore, the need for the utilities of installing a certified and reliable device in their systems and of reducing as much as possible the risks, and the efforts of manufacturers to improve the quality and performances of their products, established the importance of type testing of the equipment in an accredited third party laboratory.

What we do

CESI Group can provide tests on HV switchgear assemblies and switching devices according to internationally recognized standards: 

Gas Insulated Substations
IEC 62271-203
Circuit breakers
IEC 62271-100, IEC 612271-101, IEC 62271-110, IEC TR 62271-310, IEEE C37.09, IEEE C37.09a, IEEE C37.09b
Disconnectors & Earthing switches
​IEC 62271-102, IEEE C37.38
HV Switches
IEC 62271-104
​Disconnecting circuit breakers
​IEC 62271-108
​Circuit Switchers
IEEE C37.016​

Further tests according national standards and specific customer requirements are also available on request.

Where we do it

Our testing laboratories are distributed over the three platforms and include:


CESI Group is a leader, independent testing authority with a very long experience in type testing of all the HV switching equipment and assemblies. HV switching equipment have been tested at CESI Group more than fifty years, developing also special testing techniques as the synthetic method and playing an important role in the development of the International Standards.

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