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Cables and Accessories

The increasing worldwide demand for electricity in the industrialized and growing countries asks for the transmission of relevant quote of energy through cables systems. Type tests have been developed to verify the design of LV, MV and HV cables and their accessories, however in order to evaluate the reliability of such systems along the years special accelerated ageing test have also been introduced to simulate tens of years of real use both in AC or DC configuration.

What we do

CESI Group can provide tests on LV, MV and HV cables and accessories according to internationally recognized standards:

Cable and Accessories​ ​ ​
IEC 60076-1, IEC 60076-2, IEC 60076-3, IEC 60076-5, IEC 60076-10
CENELEC HD 628, HD 629.1 and HD 629.2;IEC 61442, IEC 60502-4
IEC 60840, IEC 62067

Further tests according national standards and specific customer requirements are also available on request.

Where we do it

Our testing laboratories are distributed over the three platforms and include:


CESI Group has started dealing with Cables tests since SACOI project in 1967, with experiences firstly on oil-insulated systems, then with tests on paper impregnated systems and, since 1993 (the first time in the world), with extruded insulation systems (Project BEWAG) and composite materials. CESI Group also performed the first Prequalification Test in the 90th´s of last century (the Berlin 400kV BEWAG project). Based on this project and the big experience in cable testing, CESI Group developed over the three platforms in the last two years the biggest Prequalification Test Facilities for Extra High Voltage Power Cable Systems worldwide, offering the customer a tailor made loop layout for each need (i.e. Buried in soil, concrete covered duct system, joint in sand/salt water, concrete tunnel system).




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