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Engineering services for testing laboratories

The Energy World is dramatically changing in the last few years and that is s a huge test for all the Operators in this sector, also for Research Centers and Electromechanical Equipment Constructor who are asking modern and technologically advanced Testing Laboratories that can help in the development of new technologies and new solutions to face the new challenges.

What we do

 CESI can provide the following services, concerning the construction and/or revamping of testing laboratories:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Basic design and equipment specification;
  • Detailed design;
  • Procurement;
  • Equipment supply (standard & special);
  • Construction supervision and commissioning.

    The Engineering Services may be limited to the testing circuits and corresponding equipment, or may include also the auxiliary services and civil works as well. A complete turnkey supply is presently one of the key options available to our Clients, thus allowing them to fully subcontract these activities to a specialist like CESI who can provide them with that expertise and care which pertain only to activities in the core business of a Company. CESI Engineering Services are available for:

  • High power test laboratories
  • Low-voltage high-current test laboratories
  • Dielectric test laboratories
  • Cable test laboratories
  • EMC test laboratories
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Electric and gas appliances laboratory.

    Why CESI

    CESI has been operating its own testing laboratories at international top level for over 40 years. Thanks to a regular participation to the evolution of the standards and testing procedures, CESI has been able to keep the laboratory performances in line with the most advanced state of the art and the market demand for electrical testing. The gained experience allowed CESI to develop a proprietary design technology for all facilities and projects required to carry out electrical testing. This technology is available for all testing organizations operating in their local market as well as on the international market.​​​​​​



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