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Quality Assurance

The growing demand of electric energy is pushing the Utilities to have solid networks for T&D, since the reliability of the T&D service is not only a crucial requisite, but it generates a progressive reduction of operation costs, too. Therefore, the Utilities need effective performances of electrical equipment in their systems and assurance of their quality (QA) starting from their design-manufacturing-testing process, and require suitable suppliers of QA services, highly skilled and having worldwide experience.

What we do

CESI and has the right expertise and adequate tools to provide the QA services by a very effective approach that covers the following steps of each design-manufacturing-testing process for the equipment and manufacturer under supervision:

  • Organization evaluation
  • Design review
  • In process Quality Assurance
  • In factory test witnessing
  • Sub-suppliers qualification
  • Sub-suppliers monitoring
  • Why CESI

    CESI thanks to more than 50 years involvement in testing and condition assessment of electrical equipment has the right expertise and tools to provide this service by very effective approach. CESI can offer to Utilities QA services for all kind of equipment, from LV to UHV in AC & DC. CESI experience is continuously updated, following the evolution of design techniques, production processes, and materials. The advantage of CESI service is a whole in one process to verify the compliance of the design-manufacturing-testing process of the suppliers to QA international requirements.​


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