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Dam Surveillance and Safety

What you need

A structural monitoring system for a dam can allows a plant's operator to get all useful information, even in remote areas, describing the state and the behavioral evolution of the structure, automatically warning of any conditions of risk.

What we do

  • CESI develops and set up monitoring systems for both static and dynamic monitoring for any type of dams (concrete, earth, or rock fill).
  • CESI design and build systems for both central and external security management of dams, which can give to operators excellent decision supports.
  • CESI perform mathematical analysis to define the structural safety condition of the dam, from preliminary design up to operation and management of the opera.
  • Why CESI

    The expertise in over 60 years round, on the physical and numerical modeling and the monitoring system are two of the greatest marks of CESI for which it is worldwide recognized.

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