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What you need

The growing generation from Renewable sources, such as wind or solar power, is a necessary step towards a cleaner World and a more sustainable Energy sector. Despite this strategic relevance, renewable generation can create some operational problems in the Power System due to its non-complete predictability. For this reason it's very important to integrate in the power system the right quantity of storage facilities with the aim of balancing in the best way renewable and traditional generation according to prices, carbon emissions and load.

What we do

CESI can help you in designing the best storage infrastructure for your grid, considering the available technologies on the market (e.g Pumped Hydro, Compressed Air – CAES, Hydrogen or Batteries), RES penetration into the grid, Thermal park potential and studying the best business plan for your investment.


CESI, the Partner of the most important Transmission System Operators Worldwide, has a strong and profound knowledge of the Power Systems and of the problems related to Renewable Generation. CESI has helped TSOs all over the World integrating more than 10.000 MW of Clean Energy into the grids.