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Integration of renewable generation

What you need

The growing diffusion of renewable generation is a clear challenge for the electrical system, which needs to take the best from the non-programmable resources and reverse the network power flows when necessary. It is important to determine how much the electrical system can bear the introduction of non-programmable energies in order to conduct better investments and network planning.

What we do

With its tools and software and its experience in the electrical sector and in renewables integration, CESI can support the transmission and distribution companies. Studies for the highest penetration of non-programmable generation are made with innovative techniques that integrate static and dynamical analyses with the estimation of feasibility indicators such as LOLP, LOLE e EENS and the identification of the market prices and the remuneration of plants through advanced simulators.


CESI is a recognized worldwide leader in renewable integration studies, as its recent contracts in Jordan and Ireland demonstrate.


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