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Technological audit

What you need

In privatized energy markets, the process has created a great number of companies working in the field of the electrical distribution, DisCos or DSOs, that are concerned with efficiency and the quality of the service.

Also in non-liberalized markets the distribution sector is interested in maintaining an high standard level, reducing interruptions, energy not supplied in order to face growing expectations from Customers.

In this context Distribution Companies in a country should be considered in comparison with other international peers in order to understand the innovation level and the quality of supply, in particular now, when the market is opening towards new technologies and new solution, such as smart metering and smart grid.

What we do

CESI, thanks to its more than fifty years of experience in the electrical sector, can assist the Distribution Sector in a real growth toward excellence, with a professional and tailored assessment of the Company.

The assessment's objective is to define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as the numbers of interruption, time between different faults, SAIDI, SAIFI, employees/kWh ratio, the typology of maintenance used and so on; all these can help to understand how the company places itself on the international benchmark.

The support is going on with the definition of a detailed and tailored road map with clear objectives and steps to be implemented.


CESI is a leader on the consulting services for the electrical and energetic field and is a partner of important distribution companies worldwide.
CESI's Advisory was fundamental for many projects of automation of distribution and smart metering / smart grids projects especially in Europe.



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