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Power market studies

What you need

The world of energy today involves also financial and economic operators interested in the electricity price scenarios and power markets behaviour. Electrical operators need to base on price scenarios their feasibility studies related to new investments and a support for the operation of power plants in the market, in accordance with fuel prices and power exchange prices trend. Also TSOs are interested in understanding the impact on energy prices of new links or grid reinforcements. Countries facing or preparing to face an unbundling process for the electrical system need an independent advisory to define the optimal market structure and to study the best road map.

What we do

CESI, a leading authority in the energy consulting, has developed know-how and software for market analysis which can simulate different price scenarios, perform economic feasibility studies for new generation plants (e.g. hours of operation, energy remuneration, etc.), representing at the same time a good support for TSOs in fine-tuning their grid planning strategies.


CESI can assist its Clients in understanding all the mechanisms inside the electric exchanges: from the day-ahead market to the dispatching and balancing market.
CESI has supported in the process of designing the electrical market the Baltic area and Algeria; it made studies for the regional market of the South – East Europe and supported all the major operators on both the Italian and the International electrical market.
CESI is the partner of important TSOs all over the world in defining the best planning strategies also in accordance with prices and carbon footprint of each new infrastructure.



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