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Consulting and solutions for operational planning real time operation supervision and control


What you need


Electrical networks are becoming smarter also thanks to the innovations in supervisioning systems and real-time control, new instruments of analysis and forecasting and new techniques used in traditional defence or restoration plans. These are sectors where TSOs are massively investing because security standards and norms are becoming more and more restrictive. Also power producers ask for specific studies or control systems because they need advanced tools of prevision and analysis for better simulating the interaction between their plants and the network.


What we do


CESI can provide consulting, solutions and services for TSOs:

  • Operational Studies on the transmission network
  • Models and algorithms for Operational Planning & Real-time Operation
  • Software for the Supervision & Control, Management & Maintenance
  • Inspection on the power plant regulation system in accordance to the Grid Code
  • CESI as a partner for producers can support Clients with:
    - Power plant – network interconnection studies ​
    - Development of regulation systems and control for electrical plants.

    Why CESI

    CESI, thanks to more than fifty years of experience, is a very high skilled partner for TSO and generation operators. Studies and implementation of solutions, tailored-made software for Clients, are entrusted to an internal team of consultants, some of them with relevant role also in international working group onPower Systems.



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