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​Operational Studies on Transmission Networks

What you need

The growing complexity of power transmission systems in terms of size and generation mix has increased the difficulty of their operation, the design of remedial actions in case of severe accidents and the restoration procedure in case of total or partial blackouts. In order to face those issues, dedicated studies and tests aimed at analyzing and improving the static and dynamic security of the power system in case of normal operating, emergency or restoration conditions should be carried out.

What we do

In this framework CESI offers services ranging from the execution of dedicated studies up to the development of software tools for performing specialized analyzes passing through the support for the preparation and realization of real tests and the training of the operators.

  • Studies for the evaluation and the improvement of the static and dynamic security of power system;
  • Studies on the operation of renewable and storage resources;
  • Review and design of Defense Plan and Special Protection Systems;
  • Review and design of Restoration Plans;
  • Support for preparation and realization of Real Restoration Test;
  • Blackouts/outages reconstruction studies;
  • Studies for the design of high level control systems (secondary voltage regulation, etc….);
  • Development of software tool, working as satellite applications of the most widely used static and dynamic software simulation tools;
  • Development of software tool to support the operator in making decisions;
  • Training of operators and TSO/ISO engineers.


CESI, with more than fifty years' experience in the Power sector, has developed a specific know-how in the market. CESI has supplied services in these fields in several regions around the world such like Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and Asia. CESI offers also training of the job services aimed at not only executing the projects but also transferring know-how to the Clients.



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