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Control and Regulation Systems for Power Plants

What you need

Electrical Networks are becoming smarter also thanks to the innovations in supervision systems and real-time control.

These are sectors in which TSO are massively investing because security standards and norms are becoming more and more restrictive.

Also power producers ask for control systems in order to completely fulfill, minimizing operational costs, the Grid Code requirements.

What we do

CESI as a Partner for power producers, can support Clients with the development of regulation and control systems for power plants, in order to simplify and improve the effectiveness of the operator effort in the management of the power plant – network interconnection.

In this framework CESI developed a power plant reactive power and high side voltage regulator (called SART) where the main features realized into the system are:

  • Real time computing of the over and under excitation limits of the generating units defining the operating field
  • Limiting the reactive power output by taking into account the voltage normal range at the generator stator edge
  • Regulation of the high side voltage through local reference or through superimposed control level
  • Effective auto-diagnostic functions to automatically switch off the apparatus in front of internal and external failure
  • CESI is continuously developing new control functionalities for the SART system like the fully integrated automatic control of the On Line Tap Changer position and the coordination of different SART systems’ control action directly at power plant level.

    Why CESI

    CESI, thanks to more than 50 years of experience, is a very highly accomplished Partner for power producers.

    Several installations and commissioning of control systems together with the development of tailored-made software solutions for Clients have qualified CESI as a leading company in the international market of high voltage regulation systems as proved by more than 50 SART systems already into operation in the main Italian Power producers.​​


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