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Consulting services for asset management

What you need

Power Network owners and/or managers have to keep under control their electrical asset and their operating issues:

1-      Control electrical asset in order to reduce cost of maintenance, maximizing assets lifetime and increase safety avoiding dangerous accidents. The key to perform at best this complex process is to use an intelligent suite of software that can suggest manager and help operators in the hard day by day maintenance job

2-      Control the electrical network evolution over time, shaping the electric network on digital maps. The key to fit this target is a website integrated with GIS application

3-      Control the sampled electrical variables as the load measures by processing them to focus the aggregated values and to forecast the network critical in the future.

4-      Supply Quality Control workflow from the supplier to the customer

What we do

CESI can supports Transmission and Distribution Asset Owners with large scale Services, from Consulting to Solution development.

1-      We have developed an approach with which we can standardize maintenance process and translate it in a library of electrical substation components software models, which also  includes the so called “best practice” in term of maintenance. These models constitutes the core of a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) system that suggest the best maintenance actions in case of faults or  significant decay phenomena detected on equipments. This kind of solution can be integrated with ERP, SCADA/EMS data and even data collected by operators or coming from dedicated sensor can be used as input of the system.  Market offers different "general purpose" Asset Management Software and CESI can assist the Client with a complete Consulting Service for the customization to the specific Power System in use.

2-      We have developed an huge experience on integration between a web application and standard GIS framework. We could manage the network drawing and deploy on the website the shape like an interactive digital atlas.

3-      We built a suite of PL/SQL procedures to load the external data in an Oracle DB, to process this data aggregating for each territorial entity (region, province) and forecasting them trend in next years, to identify any critical in the future. The results are published on web pages managed by a specific web application.

4-      We built two websites coupled to manage the workflow of the Supplier Quality Control:

a.      an internet website to collect the accept test information inserted by the supplier

b.      a website to manage this data for scheduling the testers intervention at the supplier company and for verifying the quality of the supplied goods (determining a positive or negative result)

c.      a data integration between the two websites, with notification by email or SMS.


With more than ten years' experience in the specific Asset Management for Power System sector, CESI is the only Consulting firm that can help you tailoring general purpose solutions or developing your own Condition Based Maintenance Solution. The Partnership with the Italian TSO started in 2001 and is still ongoing: our Solutions have been applied to the Asset Management of the whole Italian System, with more than 64.000 km HV Lines. CESI has delivered also Consulting Services to customize Asset Management Software in Malaysia (Consultancy services for the development of tnbd distribution condition based maintenance master plan) and Slovakia (development of an optimized maintenance plan for major Enel electric power stations) and India (CPRI – Residual life assessment of EHV substations).



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