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What you need

For the enhancement of the industrial enterprises' competitiveness and for ensuring the sustainable development, it is recommended to provide at the optimization of plants used for the effluents' treatment and of the thermic exchange systems. The purpose of this is to improve the environmental performances of plants with an eye on the costs, and adjusting the use of chemical additives in the way to improve the energetic efficiency of the process and the interventions of maintenance and revamping.

What we do

For the optimization of plants used for water and gaseous emissions' treatment, CESI offers consulting and studies for the evaluation of the feasibility of new processes, the backing for design and exercise even with on plant measures and pilot tests. For the improvement of energy efficiency, CESI provides analyses for the conservation status of any components of the plant (corrosion/ contaminating) and on the management of water resulted from the thermic cycle through on-site tests and laboratory analyses.


Thanks to its experience and know-how, CESI is a unique interlocutor in the field of consulting for the management of any plants.

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