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Environmental Diagnostic:

Ecosystem and Workplace

What you need

Companies and Public Institutions have many duties regarding environmental aspects and to enforce the security on the workplace. The standard requires diagnostic activities for:

  • quality of soil, water, air,
  • acoustic and electromagnetic exposure,
  • environmental quality's space-time evolution,
  • processing of management plans,
  • evaluation of the indoor pollution.

What we do

CESI is capable to provide design and realization of the environmental monitoring plans that can be used for determining the pollutants in water and soil, for analyzing airborne pollutants and forecast conditions, modeling the pollution's evolution during the time, electromagnetic and acoustic characterization, evaluating the indoor pollution for workplaces' comfort. CESI gives its advice in accordance with the legislative norms.


CESI's technicians have excellent environmental skills and keep up a constant updating on the normative and technical/scientific advancements towards their regularly participation at conference and seminars. The personnel works with advanced instrumentation which allowed real time and multi-parameter readings, remote monitoring.

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