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Industrial plant siting

What you need

Any developing of new industrial activities to grow in the better way needs, the selection of the location where set up the plants appears very strategic and productive. In fact, hasty localizations can bring enormous economical and financial damages both in the phase of new plants' design that in the default's productivity operation, a consequence of the failure to fulfill the environmental and territorial constraints. The geological and geotechnical "siting" is a primary factor used in the study of every new installation.

What we do

CESI's services incorporate the following aspects: the localization and characterization both geological and geotechnical of areas chosen for the new plants' construction, which have to be built through geological, geotechnical and seismic extensive site investigations and laboratory tests, hydraulic, hydrologic and hydro-geologic studies in order to better define the sites selected for the construction of the plant.


Since the 60s, in the field of the thermoelectric plants, then in the 70s and 80s for the "nuclear", CESI has always been attentive to Quality and to the Geotechnical, Seismic and Structural Engineer and became an international reference for geotechnical works.


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