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Environmental impact studies

What you need

The Study of Environmental Impact – SIA, which is part of the Italian Legislative decree 152/06, is a duty for any project's proposer who must follow it during the procurement process of the mandate. The mandate of the Environmental Impact Evaluation is issued by a specific Authority and is mandatory for the achievement of the project. This mandate is staying for the Environmental Integrated Authorization (AIA) and is including the impact assessment's procedures (VINCA).

What we do

CESI is validating the work's compatibility with all planning instruments and if the situation is required then it identifies any eventual constrains, portrays the link between the project and the site with the evaluation of the technological alternatives and with the analysis of any risks. Furthermore, CESI evaluates the situation ante operam and identifies all potential effects, gives the effect's estimation and detects the mitigation processes and the infrastructure's monitoring procedures. Finally, it produces the non-technical syntheses.


CESI can integrate the documental analysis with the acquisition of the environmental data and the effects' predictive modeling. CESI can give to the study of Environmental Impact its experience gained in the various environmental sectors (athmosphere, water, soil, flora and fauna) and nonenvironmental as, (public health, socio-economic aspect and traffic).


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