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Environmental and structural monitoring system

What you need

A monitoring system allows a plant's operator, a supervisor of an historical monument, an administration of an area to dispose even in isolated locations of all equipment capable to provide information about the status and behavior evolution of the structure or territory submitting to the surveillance. This surveillance is continuing with the automatically reporting of possible conditions of risk. Furthermore, if the system is supported by suitable codes (DSS), the objectiveness of analyses and of final decisions is simplified.

What we do

CESI develops monitoring systems for:

  •  structures (dams and great structures, historical monuments, sensitive buildings),
  • territory (landslides, rockfalls, unstable slopes, wave, defense of the coasts),
  • climate (storm and lightning forecasts)
  • environment (ecosystems and their evolution), included maintenance andremote assistance.
  • Why CESI

    A 60-year round experience in structures' safety, where numerical modeling and monitoring systems are worldwide recognized.



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