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Meteorology for industrial and energy operators

What you need

Weather events can cause damages, sometimes heavy, sometimes minor but recurring, that operators in the field of electric production and transport, industrial plants and infrastructure have an interest to prevent or mitigate. To this purpose it is essential to receive the most accurate forecast information and measures.

Moreover, precise and timely information on specific weather parameters are fundamental to assess the energy production from wind, sun, water, gas turbines and, more generally, the operation of any type of plant.

What we do

CESI provides the following meteorological services:

  • Forecast of specific parameters, such as wind fields, solar radiation intensities, precipitation fields, targeted to the location or to the plant of interest, with high spatial resolution and with a high sampling and sending frequency;
  • Delivery of weather information, properly processed to be directly applied to plant management or to energy production;
  • Analysis of specific weather events and their impact on electrical and industrial structures, possibly to be exhibited to the Authority;
  • Dispatching of measured data, from local or national areas, with the highest frequency and reliability.
  • CESI owns and operates, since 1994, the National Lightning Detection System (SIRF), a high-precision network with national and supranational coverage, able to detect cloud-ground and cloud-cloud lightning with the utmost efficiency and precision.

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    Why CESI

    CESI has a long history in meteorology and the influence of meteorology on power production, transport and distribution. Our experts have a deep knowledge of both fields, meteorology and electric/industrial production, knowing what you need and how you need it, when weather sensitive activities are involved. CESI is one of the international centers of excellence in the field of lightning since its birth in 1956.

    CESI experts have always been involved in basic and applied research on the physics of lightning, in the high voltage discharge simulations, on the development of discharge simulation models, the relevance and impact of lightning on electrical distribution systems and industrial plants, as well as in the field of lightning detection.



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