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High Power Testing Laboratories
High Power Testing: Advanced Methodologies and Certifications
KEMA Labs High Power Laboratories stands at the forefront of cutting-edge high power testing solutions, catering to the intricate requirements of global utilities and equipment manufacturers. With our state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned test engineers, we provide technical expertise and precision in high power testing . Comprehensive High Power Testing Capabilities Our extensive repertoire of high […]
Bahrain selects CESI
​Manama, Bahrain 24th July 2017 – CESI has been appointed to support the Bahrain’s Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) in developing the technical and strategic regulatory requirements related to connecting distributed renewable energy resources into Bahrain’s national Electricity Grid owned by Electricity and Water Authority Bahrain (EWA). Bahrain’s Sustainable Energy Unit’s key objectives are to create […]
Air qualità control
Air quality is crucial for the protection of public health. Many industrial activities release pollutants into the atmosphere, whose impact on air quality must be constantly evaluated and monitored. In the same way, public bodies and companies have a duty to guarantee healthy working environments. These obligations are often regulated by state laws and by […]
CESI supports Shell in Oman
Muscat, June 2017 – CESI FZE has been awarded a contract to support Shell Development Oman Company in the “Solar into School” project initiative. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Shell is contracting with Omani solar SMEs to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels into public schools across the Sultanate over the next few years. […]
Technical papers
Saudi Arabia Central-West HVDC Project
​A long distance HVDC transmission link between Central Operating Area and Western Operating Area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was planned and designed and it is currently under development. This 770 km long point-to-point link consists of two LCC type converter stations and it is embedded in a powerful AC network, where the two […]
​Saudi Arabia, 03/04/2018 – Cesi just finalized a strategic project in support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in line with Saudi Vision 2030 regarding rooftop solar photovoltaic systems. The Company , in partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), was involved in different aspects, such as: preparation of detailed technical standards for connection […]