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Transmission & Distribution
HVDC Infrastructures
The number of interconnections between power networks in different countries, or inside a single country with wide geographical spread, is growing, highlighting the need for high voltage direct current (hvdc) technologies, which can carry power over long distances, undersea if necessary and enable the linking of asynchronous networks . CESI is one of the few […]
Technical papers
Voltage and angle stability monitoring: possible approaches in the framework of a framework of a wide area measurement system (WAMS)
One major item of TERNA Defence Plan consists in the realisation of a Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS), equipped with Phasor Measurement Units (PMU), to provide advanced monitoring tools and facilities. A decisive aspect of WAMS project is the development of monitoring functions for effective support to the operator, especially against system dynamics possibly leading […]
Engineering Consulting
Design Review
When building a large infrastructure project, the contractor’s design proposals must be appraised to ensure that the calculations, designs, materials and arrangements comply with technical specifications, are of suitable material and quality , and are assembled efficiently and effectively. CESI has a long track record of design review activities performed for utilities and investors worldwide, […]
Physical agents
Audible noise & Vibration
CESI provides consultancy services for occupational safety and public human health related to acoustics and vibration. We assess the exposure of workers and the public to noise and vibration by measurement surveys and modelling. We provide studies and design mitigation actions to reduce the impacts. CESI experts comply with the following technical standard development boards:  […]
Conventional PP, Industrial & Oil&gas
Conventional Power Plants
When planning conventional power plants, our clients put their trust in our experience across all planning activities, from conceptual development to site supervision, commissioning management, operation management including monitoring , right through to the decommissioning of the plant. Our deep knowledge of all factors, with specific experience in the main generation technologies (open and combined […]
Technical papers
Specific submarine cable system challenges for the development of a Mediterranean interconnection grid
Medgrid is a European industrial initiative to study the feasibility of a 1,000 MW HVDC transmission project connecting North Africa to Europe. Medgrid assigned to a Consortium led by CESI (together with Intertek and Parson Brinckerhoff) a feasibility study aimed at providing answers to technology and cable limits, laying methods, maintenance, costs and planning, for […]