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Cables and Accessories
The increasing global demand for electricity in both industrialized and emerging markets is driving demand for cables systems. We carry out type tests to verify the design of LV, MV and HV cables and their accessories. Type testing allows you to prove that your cables and cable accessories meet the highest quality standards to deliver […]
Operation Optimization
Grid code compliance
As the power system decarbonizes, balancing services will have to evolve as well, starting with frequency and voltage control. Every power plant must prove its compliance to the grid code requirements, running specific tests when it is commissioned and upgraded and on a regular basis thereafter. With our deep experience of grid code requirements and […]
EJ: February’s issue is now available
​This new issue of our Energy Journal deals with a crucial topic: tumultuous development in big cities and how to manage their energy consumption. According to estimates, fifty years from now 70% of the world’s population will live in large urban centers. Extremely high levels of population density and energy consumption will represent the true […]
Technical papers
PD optical fibre
Progress in optical PD detection for translucent and transparent HV cable accessories with improved fluorescent optical fibresIn a previous paper we introduced sensitive and interference-immune optical PD measurements on HV cable accessories and presented first results. Since then, our investigations tried to cover all important aspects that lead to further improved sensitivity for optical PD […]
​The energy consumption’ growth rates in the Gulf countries are among the highest on the planet. They are driven by activities that are highly energy-dependent like water desalination. The region needs efficient renewable energy facilities for covering an increasingly large portion of energy demand. We deepened the topic on our magazine, The Energy Journal, and […]
EuroAsia InterConnector
NICOSIA, Dec. 18, 2015 – The EuroAsia InterConnector, the 1,518 km subsea power cable connecting the Israeli, Greek and Cypriot power grids to continental Europe, entered its final stage on Friday, with the project promoter awarding three studies that will lead to implementation and commissioning. The EuroAsia InterConnector officially awarded the three studies to two […]