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CESI supports TSE Testing Laboratory Feasibility
CESI has been awarded a strategic study for TSE Türk Standardları Enstitüsü (the Turkish Standard Institute), institution interested to establish a testing laboratory able to cope with the increasing needs of testing services coming from the fast-growing domestic electromechanical market. TSE was founded in Turkey in 1960 with the purpose of providing services of standardization, […]
Testing Labs
Protection & Substation Automation Laboratories
The ongoing energy transition requires digitalization with intelligent electronic devices for measurement, protection, and control in power systems. Consequently, larger and smarter grids demand more communication between grid components, as ensuring that energy flows are correctly monitored, protected and controlled is vital to delivering a stable and reliable electricity supply. We offer independent type testing and certification of […]
HV tests for on-site cable diagnostic
Energy utilities need on-site AC high-voltage acceptance tests on their cable systems and switchgear, in order to ensure the quality of their transmission systems; such tests need to be performed on site with special equipment as well as remarkable measurement technology and diagnosis at voltages of up to 500 kV. Complete acceptance tests such as […]
CESI at Second Advanced Cable Middle East 2016
​The 2nd Advanced cable Middle East 2016 conference held in Dubai from February 2nd to February 3rd brought together about 100 senior representatives from leading companies and organizations internationally and regionally. Delegates took part in detailed debates investigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the Middle East market. The conference proved to be […]
Technical papers
Specific submarine cable system challenges for the development of a Mediterranean interconnection grid
Medgrid is a European industrial initiative to study the feasibility of a 1,000 MW HVDC transmission project connecting North Africa to Europe. Medgrid assigned to a Consortium led by CESI (together with Intertek and Parson Brinckerhoff) a feasibility study aimed at providing answers to technology and cable limits, laying methods, maintenance, costs and planning, for […]