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Data analyses
Supported by our proprietary software, SMES engineers study and oversee the behavior of infrastructure: offering static and/or dynamic structural safety control before, during and after consolidation works and identification, analysis, and assessment of the behavior of structures and land. This gives the client fully technical support to perform the checks they need to do. Data […]
Natural hazards
Landslides happen when sites with certain soil conditions are hit by  intense rainfall. To define the risk and design proper mitigation measures, ISMES takes the following approach:
Advisory services
Operational studies
The ongoing decarbonization of power systems is introducing new challenges in terms of managing transmission and distribution networks while guaranteeing the security and resilience of the system: the generation mix is undergoing an evolution (in some cases a revolution), with more distributed generation coming onto the system, more alternative energy storage capacity being added, and […]
Soil & Groundwater
Oil & Gas
In the oil and gas sector, CESI has developed subsoil environmental studies for drilling, storage and logistics sites for petroleum product distribution in southern Italy. Our services for the oil and gas sector include: CESI has developed feasibility studies for decommissioning offshore and onshore pipelines, market benchmarks and comparative socioeconomic assessments for the recovery, reuse […]
​Milano, 31 Agosto 2018Il Gruppo CESI, profondamente colpito dal tragico crollo del Ponte Morandi,  si stringe intorno alle famiglie delle vittime e alla città di Genova esprimendo il suo più sentito cordoglio. Dal 2015 al 2016, CESI attraverso ISMES ha realizzato sul Ponte Morandi di Genova attività di consulenza specialistica per Autostrade per l’Italia (ASPI).ISMES […]
Per garantire l’efficienza operativa dei sistemi di monitoraggio, è cruciale effettuare controlli regolari sullo stato dei loro componenti, oltre a fornire servizi di manutenzione (ordinaria che straordinaria). La metodologia di ISMES Vantaggi previsti Strumenti e metodologia