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Technical papers
Dry Stone Masonry Dams, Interpretative analysis of long term horizontal and vertical displacements
​Dry stone masonry dams are a heritage of the beginning of 19th century in Italy, where 15 dams of such typology have been built. These dams are no longer permitted by the Italian dam regulation since 1959 and rockfill dams have been their natural evolution. The object of the analysis is the assessment of long-term […]
Technical papers
Analysis on the possible conversion of overhead lines from AC to DC
The wide diffusion of Distributed Generation (DG) represents a possible development of modern electrical systems that can evolve towards “Smart-grids. In fact, Smart-Grids should manage energy production and loads in a smart way, through appropriate communication systems and applications to be designed for the scope. Moving in this direction, Enel Distribuzione, built up a new […]
Monitoraggio dighe e verifiche strutturali
Le dighe sono opere essenziali per lo sviluppo di un paese, sia per la produzione di energia elettrica sia per lo sviluppo dell’agricoltura, grazie all’utilizzo dello sbarramento come bacino di accumulo di acqua per consentirne lo sfruttamento per l’irrigazione. Dighe e Bacini idrici – Centrali ad acqua fluente Esistono varie tipologie di dighe, realizzate con […]
Technical papers
On-Line Analysis of the Electrical System Security: an Extensive Simulation Approach in a Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA) Environment
The growing complexity of the electrical systems, the energy sector restructuring and liberalization, the innovation in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution, make the power systems operation more complex year by year. In order to maintain adequacy, security and quality levels, the new situation requires to know, more accurately and quickly than in […]
Technical papers
Ferroresonance in Inductive Voltage Transformers Or Power Voltage Transformers: analysis, laboratory tests and solutions
A ferroresonance analysis related to HV Inductive Voltage Transformers (IVT) and power Voltage Transformers or Station Service Transformers (PVT/SST) was addressed to develop models based on EMT formulation, enabling detailed ferroresonance risk analyses in specific HV station conditions and helping in the equipment technical specifications (including anti-ferroresonance remedial provisions). The research relied on a comparison […]
Technical papers
Sustainable management of hydroelectric basins: multicriteria analysis on social and environmental assessment of alternative sites for settlement of dug sediments
​Referring to the management of artificial basins, the reservoir sedimentation caused by erosion process and the consequent sediment transport and deposit in the basin is a fundamental aspect to be considered. The filling, or partial filling, with silt of a reservoir that receives fine-grained sediment brought in by streams and surface runoff leads to a […]