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Project Data

European Commission - DG I
  1,995 - 1,996

​Client Challenge

The European Community through the TACIS programme aims to promote the transition to a market economy and to reinforce democracy and the role of law in the partner states in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The specific goal of this strategic project is to support the technical development of  Central Asia countries electrical assets with an in-depht analysis for the improvement actions to be put in act on the  electricity transmission and distribution networks.

What we have done

CESI has been awarded by European Commission for the execution of the following services:

1. Audit on the Transmission Systems with the aim of improving the efficiency of the transmission systems of all countries. This aim is got through the following phases:

  • steady-state analysis of the existing networks;
  • definition of improvements to be suggested (active and reactive dispatching, optimization of power flow and of voltage profiles, feasibility to introduce higher voltage levels);
  • economic evaluation of the suggested improvements;
  • definition of investment plans;
  • analysis of operation criteria and maintenance procedures.
  • 2. Audit on the Distribution Systems with the aim of analyzing the planning criteria and the operation of distribution networks and suggesting efficiency improvement solutions. This aim is got through the following phases:

  • choice of the benchmark networks;
  • analysis of performance of the benchmark networks (voltage regulation, insulation coordination, protection systems, reliability of the supply, power quality);
  • analysis of operation criteria and maintenance procedures;
  • network planning methods.
  • 3. Dissemination of experience.

    4. On site training courses to transfer the knowledge on the use of CESI software programs used to carry out the study.

    Client Benefits

    The outcome of the study performed led to the definition of possible scenarios for the sustainable development of electricity infrastructures of the CIS Area counties, highlighting the technical and economic consequences of their application and in particular the benefits they can bring. The results have been completely accepted by top manangement of the T&D companies involved that will use it for the definition of investment plans and policies for long-term development.​

    Danilo Mezzani
    Phone: +39 02 2125 5015


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