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Project Data

Electricity & CO-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA)
Region / Country
MIDDLE EAST /Saudi Arabia
  2,012 - 2,013

​Client Challenge

Electricity & Co-Generation Authority of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ECRA, has the mission to ensure an adequate, reliable, high quality and fairly priced supply of electricity in the Kingdom, also through the development of new technological improvements.

For these reasons ECRA is studying the possibility to introduce new policies, specifying the requirements for the implementation plan of a smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure.

What we have done

CESI assists ECRA and the representatives of the major stakeholders of the Electricity Industry in the Kingdom in performing this Smart Metering and Smart Grids Strategy study, which has  the following primary targets:

• to identify Saudi Arabia's current and future challenges that a smart meters/smart grids strategy can help overcome;

• to investigate and review available smart metering technologies that are best suited for the Saudi Electricity Industry and its customers;

• to assist ECRA and representatives of the major electricity industry stakeholders in the Kingdom to determined and finalise the salient functional requirements of proposed Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure to be deployed;

• to develop an overall (high level) Smart Grid deployment strategy for Saudi Arabia;

• to advise on and help preparing the most efficient implementation, gradual and timely rolling-out of Smart Meters.

Client Benefits

The Electricity & CO-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA) benefits from the results of this strategic and valuable study of CESI in order to design an efficient and cost effective road map, enabling the massive installation of smart grids and smart metering innovative technologies all around the Kingdom.

Andrea Meola
Phone: +39 02 2125 4746


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